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Datos en tiempo real de las principales amenazas de malware, proporcionados por nuestro galardonado equipo de SophosLabs.Más

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Sophos monitoriza todas las fuentes de spam, a diario. Consulte nuestro dashboard de spam para obtener información en tiempo real.Más

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SophosLabs maintains lists of IP addresses suspected to be spam sources.

IP Address Classification Policy

Concienciación sobre amenazas

Comparta sus dudas, respuestas, consejos y comentarios sobre amenazas en Sophos Community.

El reto de la inteligencia artificial

¿Es usted más inteligente que una máquina? Pruebe nuestro juego para averiguarlo.

Latest News


Mykings jumps on the Corona train

The ubiquitous, noisy, SQL-attacking botnet can't help comparing itself to a deadly disease

Glupteba malware hides in plain sight

A worm focused on concealment and stealth may keep malware payloads hidden from view

New Bundlore adware targets macOS with updated Safari extensions

Browser add-ons are a common source of privacy and security concerns. While they are usually legitimate software products with real companies behind them, these plug-ins can also be used by unscrupulous software developers as a way to turn downloads of free software into a revenue stream–dropping browser add-ons that gather information from the user, inject […]

Microsoft pushes fixes for 128 security bugs in June, 2020 Patch Tuesday

In this month’s Patch Tuesday, a total of 128 security vulnerabilities have been patched in Microsoft products, a slight increase compared to the last few months. Only twelve of the vulnerabilities are rated “Critical.” None of the bugs have been found being exploited in the wild (yet). In addition, a remote code execution vulnerability in […]

Cryptomining criminals under the spotlight – a SophosLabs report

A new SophosLabs report takes you inside a cryptomining gang.

Kingminer escalates attack complexity for cryptomining

An opportunistic botnet that tries (not always successfully) to fly under the radar, Kingminer is nevertheless a persistent nuisance that delivers cryptocurrency miners as a payload. The botnet’s operators may be ambitious and capable, but they don’t appear to have endless resources, so they take advantage of any freely available solution to the problem of […]

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  • Desarrollo de modelos machine learning
  • Investigación de inteligencia artificial, liderazgo intelectual
Threat Intelligence
  • Rápida repuesta ante amenazas y escaladas
  • Investigación en profundidad de perfiles de ataques y amenazas
  • Automatización de análisis y respuesta ante amenazas
  • Pruebas, análisis y métricas de control de calidad.