Case Study: Bodwell High School


Bodwell was experiencing significant performance issues and high management costs with their Cisco Wireless Access Points. They switched to Sophos UTM and can now provide secure wireless Internet access to nearly 500 boarding students. Plus, Sophos UTM’s next-generation firewall capabilities protect students against today’s threats – even on their cell phones, tablets and compromised “BYOD” laptops brought from overseas. Download now

“With the Application Awareness capabilities built into Sophos UTM I can let students access Facebook from their dorms, and still block risky or high bandwidth Facebook apps.”
Steve O'Neill, Systems Administrator

Fact file

Sector: Education
Location: North Vancouver, Canada
Environment: 500 students, 40+ staff
  • Sophos UTM with FullGuard license
  • Sophos Wireless Access Points
  • Sophos RED
  • Sophos Endpoint

Business Challenge

  • Bodwell faced several major technical challenges including problems with their 36 unmanaged Cisco Wireless Access Points. They often locked up, performance was frequently an issue, and troubleshooting access points was time-consuming.
  • Due to the International nature of Bodwell’s student intake, they needed to accommodate BYOD from around the world, including students using the Russian version of Facebook, Chinese QQ (IM/chat), multiple languages, and content that’s legal outside of North America but not within.
  • Many brand-new laptops students introduced from other countries were already compromised with malware before coming on to Bodwell’s network.
  • Managing technologies from multiple vendors with multiple non-integrated tools was time consuming.

Technology solution

  • Bodwell implemented two Sophos UTM 625 appliances in High Availability mode. The appliances are running V9 software, fully integrating gateway and endpoint security.
  • The Sophos UTMs centrally manage 36 new low-cost Sophos AP50 wireless access points deployed throughout campus.

Business results

  • Students’ BYOD devices are consistently protected, wherever they come from: even cell phones and tablets.
  • Wireless network infrastructure and security are both far easier to manage now.
  • Even when usage is high, performance is solid, due in part to Sophos’ superior load balancing. As a result, complaints about slow internet have dropped to almost none.

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Customer quotes

"Sophos has saved us time, resources, and money"
Sam Ghelfi, Raymond James

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