Maximize Cyber Resilience for MSPs with Sophos MTR

Adversaries understand the existential threat they pose to the MSP industry’s credibility and this makes MSPs an even more attractive target. It is essential than an MSP not only invests in prevention technologies for themselves and their managed customers but to also ensure mature detection and response capabilities are in place as a combination of AI powered technology and a human lead 24/7 proactive threat hunting. However, very often this union of technology, people, and process can result into additional headcount, cost, and admin load.

Read this whitepaper to learn how Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR), designed for MSPs, provides a modern SOC delivered as a fully-managed service. The whitepaper will cover

  • Business need for 24/7 human-lead threat hunting for the MSP environment
  • Building your own SOC vs using an MTR service
  • Key benefits of using Sophos MTR services for customer management
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