Threat Monitoring

Our analysts monitor and research malware, spam and web threats as they happen, around the globe. We collect what we know in these dashboards, and update them as soon as we detect new threats. You'll find threats itemized by country, volume and prevalence. Our dashboards help you decide exactly what you're up against  and how to fix it. 

Malware dashboard

Our threat researchers see emerging malware every day. Sometimes known malware changes form, and sometimes the threats are brand new. Our malware dashboard lets you look up specific types of malware, and see the newest vulnerabilities and threats as they appear.

Web dashboard

We're always looking out for new web threats. In our web dashboard, we keep track of how many malicious requests our technology blocks. And our dashboard lets you look up site reputations, and see what today's top web threats are.

Spam dashboard

We're on top of spam, and we're sharing what we know in our spam dashboard. See all the details on the latest threats with our global threat map, and on the lists of top email threats and outbreaks.

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Threat Level

Threat Level:

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