Category: Viruses and Spyware
Type: Win32 executable file virus
Prevalence: Small Number of Reports

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W32/Fujacks-AN is a virus for the Windows platform.

W32/Fujacks-AN spreads to other network computers.

W32/Fujacks-AN includes functionality to access the internet and communicate with a remote server via HTTP.

When first run W32/Fujacks-AN copies itself to <System>\drivers\ncscv32.exe.

The following registry entry is created to run ncscv32.exe on startup:


The following registry entry is set:


W32/Fujacks-AN attempts to periodically copy itself to removeable drives, including floppy drives and USB keys. The worm will attempt to create a hidden file Autorun.inf on the removeable drive and copy itself to the same location. The file Autorun.inf is designed to start the virus once the removeable drive is connected to a uninfected computer.

Sophos's anti-virus products include Behavioral Genotypereg Protection, which can proactively guard against new threats without requiring an update. Sophos customers have been protected against W32/Fujacks-AN (detected as Mal/Packer) since version 4.10.