Category: Viruses and SpywareProtection available since:16 Sep 2009 07:27:38 (GMT)
Type: Malicious behaviorLast Updated:16 Sep 2009 07:27:38 (GMT)
Prevalence: Major Outbreak

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Mal/HTMLGen-A is the threat name associated with web pages that have been classified as malicious by SophosLabs' reputation data. Any specific malicious content found will be detected with a separate detection name.

Web pages blocked by Sophos products as Mal/HTMLGen-A are likely to be present in an infection chain aimed at downloading and executing malware on a user's machine. This tactic is common with attacks using exploit kits ("driveby downloads").

A detection of Mal/HTMLGen-A indicates that access to a web page has been blocked by Sophos Live URL filtering. If you believe the detection to be in error, please submit a Reassessment Request to have the page reputation re-evaluated.