How to use removable media securely

Educate users

Many users are not aware of the potential dangers from removable media such as USBs and CDs/DVDs that spread malware and cause data loss. Educating users helps reduce the risks significantly.

Identify device types

Computers interact with a growing variety of removable media including USB drives, MP3 players and smartphones. Having visibility of what removable media is attempting to connect to your network can help you set appropriate restrictions or permissions.

Implement device control

Controlling the type of removable media that is permitted and what data is allowed to be exchanged is a vital component of network security. Choose solutions that can set permissions (or restrictions) for individual devices as well as entire classes of devices.

Encrypt your data

Data encryption prevents the loss of data. This is particularly useful for removable media that can be easily misplaced or stolen because the data cannot be viewed or copied by unauthorized third parties.

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