How to stay safe on the move

Educate users

Don’t underestimate the risks of data loss from unsecured laptops or removable media. Organizations should develop clear policies concerning the use of mobile devices.

Use secure passwords

Passwords are the very first walls of defense and should always be as strong as possible. (See How to choose secure passwords)

Implement additional security checks

Smartcards or tokens require you to enter additional information (e.g., a token code together with your password) in order to access your computer. With fingerprint readers, you need to confirm your identity using your fingerprint when booting up or logging in.

Encrypt all important data

If your data is encrypted, it will remain safe even if your laptop or removable media is lost or stolen. If you don’t want to encrypt your entire hard drive, you can create a virtual disk to store confidential information securely.

Restrict Plug and Play

Plug and Play allows USB drives, MP3 players or external hard drives to connect to laptops automatically, making it easy for data to be copied. Instead, lock the computer so only authorized devices are allowed to connect.

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