Data Threats Beginning With S

Social engineering

Social engineering refers to the tricks attackers use to fool victims into performing an action. Typically, these actions are opening a malicious webpage or running an unwanted file attachment.

Social networking

Social networking websites allow you to communicate and share information. But they can also be used to spread malware and to steal personal information.


Spam is unsolicited bulk email, the electronic equivalent of junk mail, that comes to your inbox.


Spearphishing is targeted phishing using spoof emails to persuade people within a company to reveal sensitive information or credentials.

Spoofing (Email)

Email spoofing is when the sender address of an email is forged for the purposes of social engineering.

Suspicious files and behavior

When an endpoint security solution scans files, it labels them as clean or malicious. If a file has a number of questionable characteristics or behavior, it is labeled as suspicious.


Spyware is software that permits advertisers or hackers to gather sensitive information without your permission.

SQL injection

SQL injection is an exploit that takes advantage of database query software that doesn’t thoroughly test for correct queries.