Category: Virus hoax Discovered On: 17 Aug 2004
Type: hoaxUpdated On: 08 Jun 2006
Aliases: Resident Evil


In August 2004 the makers of the Resident Evil videogame launched a marketing campaign to promote the latest version of their game. The marketing campaign included a website through which text messages could be sent to mobile phone users, telling them that they were infected by a virus.

Some mobile phone users may be concerned by the unsolicited text messages and believe that their phone is genuinely infected by a mobile phone virus.

Here are examples of some of the different SMS text messages that can be received:

Outbreak: I'm infecting you with t-virus, my code is <6 letter alphanumeric code>. Forward this to 60022 to get your own code and chance to win prizes. More at t-virus.co.uk

Another version reads:

Outbreak: By signing up at t-virus.co.uk you are infected! Reply VIRUS STOP to disinfect yourself (and not win great prizes)

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