Christmas Lights

Category: Virus hoax Discovered On: 01 Jan 2000
Type: hoaxUpdated On: 08 Jun 2006


(known as Christmas Lights.EXE) is infected with a virus which will stop your computer working on the 25th of December. When the program 'Christmas Lights.EXE' is executed a set of lights appears across the top of the screen and an icon in the taskbar allows a 'Holiday Lights' control panel to be brought up.

At the time of writing Sophos researchers have not encountered an infected copy of this program. However, it is perfectly feasible for it to be infected by a virus at a later date and redistributed (either deliberately or accidentally) via email.

Sophos recommends companies consider a rule of not allowing users to receive and send executable files, without authorization. Users may complain that they are no longer able to share computer games, greetings cards and 'amusing' joke programs but it will reduce their chances of being infected by a computer virus.

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