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Category: Scam Discovered On: 04 Nov 2003
Type: scamUpdated On: 08 Jun 2006


Some online banking customers have been receiving emails claiming to be from Barclays bank, asking users to confirm their email address by entering their account details, including password and memorable word.

The link contained inside the emails may at first glance appear to be legitimate, but it is a scam to steal users' account details and potentially gain illegal access to accounts.

A typical version of the email follows:

Subject: Barclays E-mail Verification

Dear Barclays Bank Member,

This email was sent by the Barclays server to verify your e-mail address. You must complete this process by clicking on the link below and entering in the small window your Barclays Membership number, passcode and memorable word. This is done for your protection --- because some of our members no longer have access to their email addresses and we must verify it.

To verify your e-mail address and access your bank account, click on the link below. If nothing happens when you click on the link (or if you use AOL), copy and paste the link into the address bar of your web browser.

<URL removed>

Another example of the scam reads as follows:

Subject: Barclays Customer Care

Barclays - Security Server update

Dear Customer

This message is from Barclays Bank, to inform you that we had updated our anti-fraud system to prevent frequent fraud attempts.

At this moment we need you to reactivate your account due to software security updates. All accounts that haven't been reactivated will be placed on hold.

To verify your account, please visit the IBank website at
<URL removed>

If you have questions about your online statement, please send us a Bank Mail or contact the Online Banking Helpdesk on 0845 600 2323. We appreciate your business. It's truly our pleasure to serve you.

Barclays Customer Care

Another example of the scam reads as follows:

Hello dear client Barclays Bank. Today our system of safety at night has been cracked!!! It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!
We ask you, in order to prevent problems, to repeat registration of your data. Make it very quickly! Administration Barclays Bank.

<URL removed>

Another example of the scam reads as follows:

Dear valued Barclays IBank Customer!

As part of our continuing commitment to protect your account and to reduce the instance of fraud on our website, we are undertaking a period review of our member accounts. You are requested to visit our site by following the link given below. This is required for us to continue to offer you a safe and risk free environment to send and receive money online, and maintain the Barclays IBank Experience. You will be redirected to the Barclays IBank home page after verification. Thank you.

<URL removed>

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