Category: Adware and PUAs Protection available since:15 Mar 2006 00:00:00 (GMT)
Type: Unspecified PUA Last Updated:17 Jan 2013 07:57:25 (GMT)

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ActMon is a commercial system monitoring application.

The application can be configured to log a variety of information and in particular may record keystrokes, monitor internet access and take screenshots of user activity.

When the application is installed, the following files may be created:

<Application Data>\syswin\SupportLog_<username>_<computer name>.txt
<Application Data>\syswin\#<username>#<computer name>#.dat
<Start Menu>\Programs\ActMon\ActMon Commander.lnk
<Start Menu>\Programs\ActMon\ActMon Manual.lnk

The file wskrnlc.sys is installed as a service "wskrnlc".

The following registry entries may be created to run components of the application on startup:

<System>\syswin.exe -at

<System>\wskrnl.exe -at

Registry entries may be created in the following locations:



The following registry entry is modified by the application:


where <ControlSet> is either CurrentControlSet or ControlSet<number>, for some number. This is a multi-string registry value, to which the application adds the string "wskrnlc".

IMPORTANT NOTE: This registry value must be repaired before the "wskrnlc.sys" file may be removed. Removing the application components before repairing this registry value may render the keyboard and mouse inoperable.

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