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Recommended settings for Anti-Virus and HIPS
07 Apr 2017

How to: Exclude items from scanning (video link included)
16 Mar 2017

Endpoint Security and Control: tmp.edb detected as malicious on Windows
02 Nov 2016

Sophos Anti-Virus Scanning Cache
27 Sep 2016

How to check if Sophos Malicious Traffic Detection is working
04 May 2016

How to tell if a computer running Endpoint Security and Control is managed or standalone
14 Apr 2016

BSoD - Probably caused by : mrxsmb10.sys
08 Oct 2015

Volume mount point exclusions do not work
02 Oct 2015

Mobile broadband and WiFi do not appear as available network connections on a Windows 8.1 computer
02 Jun 2015

Recommended on-access scanning settings for 9.7
12 Mar 2015

USN Change Journal And Sophos
05 Dec 2014

'This file contains encrypted macros that have been disabled because there is no antivirus software installed' warning when opening a Microsoft office document
13 Nov 2014

Error 0xe03d003 'The on-access driver failed to perform a user action on file ...'
11 Nov 2014

Some encryption software hinders Sophos Anti-Virus detections
21 May 2014

Loading SAV Interface returned the error 0xa0040223 - SAV Interface must be re-initialized
21 Apr 2014

Sophos endpoint shield does not display a warning when on-access scanning is switched off
27 Feb 2014

Slow scanning on computers with many image files
09 Jan 2014

How can I control the size of the SAV.txt log file?
09 Jan 2014

File and folder exclusions do not work
25 Nov 2013

The amount of endpoint computers able to connect to a Citrix server is reduced when Sophos Anti-Virus is running
04 Apr 2012

Sophos Anti-Virus on-access scanning: Conflict with Lenovo Access Connections
29 Mar 2012

Sophos Detecting EICAR with NET IQ WebMarshal Installed
05 Nov 2011

Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows returns error e03d0044 - The on-access driver could not create a transaction context
22 Jun 2011

Balloon message shows 'On-access scanning is disabled'
12 May 2011