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Sophos reports that a website is blocked or has access restricted
25 Jan 2017

How to use device specific Authentication in Sophos UTM?
20 Jan 2017

Sophos UTM: How to add Sophos Central domains
24 Oct 2016

How to configure Active Directory (AD) Single Sign On (SSO) in Transparent Mode
24 Jun 2016

Enforcing Safe Search with UTM Web Protection
04 Apr 2016

Sophos UTM: Limitations of AD SSO for the HTTP/S Proxy in transparent mode
04 Apr 2016

How to configure your proxy server to work with Google Drive
25 Mar 2016

HTTPS Decrypt and Scan Usage on the UTM
27 Nov 2015

UTM: How to increase transparent (browser based) authentication timeout
22 Oct 2015

Access on a Sharepoint-Server: Astaro Security Gateway Software
30 Sep 2015

Configuring Web Filtering and Application Control in bridged mode for a Sophos UTM
20 Jul 2015

Ports required for a UTM Endpoint Protection client to communication through a HTTP-Proxy
10 Jul 2015

Automatically Distributing Proxy Settings To Clients with Astaro Security Gateway
09 Jul 2015

Encrypted PDFs identified as Heuristics.Encrypted.PDF by Clam
27 May 2015

UTM Block Messages for Web Requests
22 May 2015

How to use the enhanced Webfilter Search on the Sophos UTM
19 May 2015

How to use HTTP Proxy Site Reclassification on the Sophos UTM
19 May 2015

Understanding Sophos Web Filtering
19 May 2015

UTM Web Filtering: IP address exception example
13 May 2015

Black / White List Editor in Sophos UTM 9.2+
12 May 2015

How to use your own HTTPS Proxy CA certificate on the Astaro Security Gateway
10 Apr 2015

Regular Expressions for Defining URL Patterns in Sophos UTM
20 Mar 2015

HTTPS End-User page blocking
24 Feb 2015

Workaround: Streaming via Netflix iOS app isn´t working when using the WebProxy in transparent mode
12 Nov 2014

New GUI design for Web Protection
14 Oct 2014

Diagnostic logging in http.log
28 Aug 2014

How to use the HTTP Proxy Policy Test on the Sophos UTM
31 Mar 2014

UTM: AD SSO backend groups do not match as expected
25 Mar 2014

How to Configure Browser Authentication in Standard Mode on the Sophos UTM
24 Mar 2014

How bypass content scanning for streaming content works on Sophos UTM
27 Feb 2014

How to create an exception for Elster software in Sophos UTM
13 Feb 2014

High latency in speed test ping through Web Filter
22 Jan 2014

Configuring HTTP/HTTPS proxy access with AD SSO with a Sophos UTM
28 Nov 2013

Configure the UTM to allow user exceptions for a blocked webpage
07 Aug 2013

Customization of Blocked pages for HTTP proxy on Astaro Security Gateway
31 May 2012

Astaro Security Gateway: HTTP proxy Profiles Guide
31 May 2012

Microsoft Media Center Edition Updates: Astaro Security Gateway
31 May 2012

Initial Configuration of the HTTP Proxy on Astaro Security Gateway
31 May 2012

Entering domains in the HTTP Proxy Content Filter to either allow or block access in Astaro Security Gateway
31 May 2012

'Target Service Not Allowed' error in Astaro Security Gateway
29 May 2012

Astaro Security Gateway: Httpproxy Full Transparent Mode Explanation
29 May 2012

Astaro Security Gateway: Editing/Creating New Content Filter Categories for Web Security
29 May 2012

Importing the web proxy CA certificate using a logon script: Astaro Security Gateway
29 May 2012

Astaro Security Gateway: HTTP Proxy Auto Configuration scripting feature
25 May 2012

Astaro Command Center: httpproxy clustering
25 May 2012

HTTP Proxy error 'Key version number for principal in key table is incorrect' in Astaro Security Gateway
25 May 2012