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Licensing Instructions
28 Sep 2015

Summary of port configurations in Sophos applications
23 Sep 2015

Sophos Web Appliance: Requirements for the AD user account used in the Active Directory page
21 Sep 2015

How to compress (zip up) a file to reduce its file size
27 Jul 2015

The OpenSSL "CVE-2015-1793" certificate verification bug
10 Jul 2015

Sophos Web Appliance -Volume Report Totals
30 Jun 2015

Google street view does not display any content
20 May 2015

How to configure your proxy server to work with Google Drive
19 May 2015

Sophos reports that a website is blocked or has access restricted
18 May 2015

Sophos Web Appliance: Providing Load Balancing and Failover with proxy.pac Files
30 Apr 2015

Automated Alert: ERROR condition detected - Available connections
23 Apr 2015

Sophos Web Appliance: Search term reporting
11 Mar 2015

The SSL v3.0 CBC (Poodle) vulnerability: affected versions, recommended steps and workarounds
16 Feb 2015

The glibc (Ghost) vulnerability: affected versions, recommended steps and workarounds
11 Feb 2015

Expanding Sophos Virtual Web Appliance system resources
09 Feb 2015

Adobe Flash player is unable to update
12 Jan 2015

Chrome on iOS is not compatible with HTTPS Scanning
03 Dec 2014

Safari displays "Proxy Authentication Required" when proxying through the Sophos Web Appliance.
07 Nov 2014

Connection to websites that only use TLS for HTTPS encryption will fail when using HTTPS Scanning and display the error "Remote server not responding"
22 Oct 2014

Sophos Web Appliance: Installing the Sophos-Generated Certificate Authority in your Users' Browsers
10 Oct 2014

Web Appliance - Unable to use GoToMeeting when machine proxy to Web Appliance
21 May 2014

Sophos Web Appliance: Active Directory sync fails intermittently
02 May 2014

Sophos Web Appliance: Why are the Phishing and Fraud, Spam URLs and Spyware site categories grayed out in the group policies configuration pages?
12 Mar 2014

Windows apps fail to connect when using a Sophos Web appliance proxy
13 Jan 2014

Firefox error on Mac with web appliance: Proxy Authentication Required
09 Jan 2014

Sophos Web Appliance: Search term alerts do not work for HTTPS Google search
12 Dec 2013

How to increase the virtual disk of the virtual Web or Management Appliance
09 Dec 2013

Virus engine for Sophos gateway security products has been updated to address the potential vulnerabilities
25 Nov 2013

Sophos Web Appliance: Analyzing your VMware server hardware
17 Oct 2013

Sophos Appliances: how proactive monitoring sends alerts
10 Sep 2013

Sophos Web Appliance: Sophos URL Classifications
19 Aug 2013

Sophos Web Appliance: iTunes fails to download iOS software updates for iPad, iPhone and/or iPod
09 Jul 2013 videos will not play.
05 Jun 2013

Sophos Web Appliance: Integrating the Appliance with the Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP)
28 Mar 2013

Sophos Web Appliance: Creating a proxy.pac File to Provide Location Awareness
04 Mar 2013

Sophos Web Appliance: Configuring Users' Browsers to Use the Web Appliance with a Group Policy Object
02 Mar 2013

Web Security Appliance: overview
30 Oct 2012

Endpoint Web Control: No websites are blocked when using a Web Appliance as proxy
06 Jul 2012

Sophos Web Appliance: Internet Explorer 7 and spaces in FTP Passwords
11 Jun 2012

Sophos Web Appliance: Creating, Testing, and Deploying a proxy.pac File
04 Jun 2012

Sophos Web Appliance: Publishing Automatic Proxy Information as a wpad.dat file
04 Jun 2012

Sophos Web Appliance: Accessing HTTPS site with non-standard SSL port
04 Jun 2012

Sophos Web Applicance: Failure to Click "Trust this CA to identify web sites." in Mozilla Firefox
04 Jun 2012

Sophos Web Appliance: Configuring your network for Explicit Deployment
07 Dec 2010

Sophos Web Appliance: Adding Routes
30 Sep 2010