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Sophos Mobile Control 6.1 - What's New
18 May 2016

Advisory: Install Failure - Error 1911 / Wrong Context due to Microsoft KB 3072630
18 May 2016

How to Set Up SMTP Scanning on XG Firewall
12 May 2016

Advisory: New version of Sophos Update Manager releasing November 2013
09 May 2016

Advisory: Response to Vulnerability SF01V - Persistent Web Vulnerability
05 May 2016

Advisory: Critical vulnerability found in OpenSSL affecting Sophos products
18 Apr 2016

After Installing Sophos AntiVirus for VMware vShield using a Static IP there are Discrepancies in the Management Console
14 Apr 2016

Sophos Anti-Virus for VMware vShield and Snapshots
13 Apr 2016

Advisory: Increasing number of SPAM reports on UTM<Issue resolved>
04 Apr 2016

Advisory: Issues you may experience after updating to UTM 9.3 and workarounds
04 Apr 2016

Advisory: Sophos Endpoint Security and Control version 10.6.3
04 Apr 2016

Office 365: connection issues
30 Mar 2016

XG and SG appliances that do not support on-appliance reporting
28 Mar 2016

Sophos Network Agent: client authentication certificate
25 Mar 2016

Appliances that do not support Sophos XG Firewall
21 Mar 2016

Manual Updating of Sophos Products
10 Mar 2016

Message "kernel: ip_tables: (C) 2000-2006 Netfilter Core Team" may be noticed in syslog, or dmesg file following upgrade to Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux 9.11.0
26 Feb 2016

Ransomware Protection on Terminal Servers
26 Feb 2016

Sophos Enterprise Console briefly shows 'Up to date' status as 'Unknown' after upgrading from Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux version 9.8.5 to version 9.11.0
12 Feb 2016

Updates failing on Linux Endpoint when updating from Linux/Unix based CID hosted on parent Linux machine on 9.11.x.
03 Feb 2016

Sophos Anti-Virus (SAV) for Linux update – Action may be required by some customers using autofs
02 Feb 2016

Information on Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux (Onprem / Standalone) 9.11.0 :
29 Jan 2016

Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux 9.11.0 / 9.11.1. Talpa Binary Packs update January 22nd 2016
29 Jan 2016

Advisory: Sophos Endpoint Security and Control version 10.3.7
25 Jan 2016

Advisory: Several vulnerabilities found in OpenSSL affecting Sophos products
20 Jan 2016

Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux 9.11.0. Successful Secondary update message still prefixed with 'update.failed' in messages/syslog following after unsuccessful Primary update
15 Jan 2016

New installs of Sophos for Microsoft Sharepoint, Puremessage for Exchange, and Standalone Sophos Antivirus (Not Endpoint Security and Control) may fail to update
05 Jan 2016

SAV for OS X - Enabling Advanced Logging and Storage on Sophos Cloud managed endpoints
17 Nov 2015

Advisory: MacBook Air (June 2013 release only) freezes following the installation of Sophos Disk Encryption for Mac, version 6.x
16 Nov 2015

Advisory: Sophos knowledge base articles and Community not accessible when using a computer that is running Windows XP
02 Oct 2015

Advisory: Recommended steps for the Poodle vulnerability in SMTP Proxy on the Sophos UTM
18 Sep 2015

Advisory: High memory usage on UTM caused by named & ATP
18 Sep 2015

Advisory: OpenSSL Security Advisory [05 Jun 2014]
09 Sep 2015

Upgrading the SQL server used by Enterprise console to a later SQL version
01 Sep 2015

SSL/TLS (FREAK) vulnerability: affected Sophos products and versions
26 Aug 2015

Notice: SophosLabs releasing Adware and PUA detections for OS X
31 Jul 2015

Advisory: Endpoint support for Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 will end October 31, 2015
28 Jul 2015

Mac OS X 10.11 Beta not supported by SAV for OS X
10 Jul 2015

Advisory: Issue with Sophos Disk Encryption when managed from Sophos Enterprise Console – potentially missing authentication step when resuming a laptop from sleep mode
28 May 2015

Advisory: How to update to Sophos UTM v9.3
05 May 2015

Advisory: What to do if log files are not visible in WebAdmin after updating to Sophos UTM 9.210
10 Apr 2015

Advisory: Workaround for RED issues (Bug ID 34563 and 34558) in Sophos UTM v9.308
27 Feb 2015

Advisory: Vulnerability NTP CVE-2014-9293 CVE-2014-9294 CVE-2014-9295 CVE-2014-9296
28 Dec 2014

Advisory -- Sophos Email Appliance: Threat definition data failing to update, alerts tied to “The appliance has repeatedly failed to install data updates for the last 30 minutes. The threat definitions on the appliance are out of date.”
07 Nov 2014

Advisory: Endpoint support for Windows 2000 and IA-64 Itanium
11 Jun 2014

Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac - Compatibility with OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
29 Jan 2014