Sophos Anti-Virus for UNIX: installing on a system with an earlier version of SAV and SAVI interface present

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  • Updated: 10 Dec 2008

When Sophos Anti-Virus for UNIX, version 7, is installed on a computer which has an earlier version of Sophos Anti-Virus installed, together with a third-party product using SAV Interface, it may be necessary to edit the Sophos Anti-Virus configuration file sav.conf to specify the correct path to the shared Sophos Anti-Virus libraries (libsavi.*).

After installing Sophos Anti-Virus 7, open the /etc/sav.conf file in a text editor. If necessary, edit the file to specify the correct path to the libsavi.* files. Check that the correct location is given for the SAV virus data directory. The default location is Sophos Anti-Virus 7 install path/lib/sav.

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