Enterprise Console: when installing Sophos Anti-Virus error 00000048 or error 3004 is displayed

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  • Updated: 18 Aug 2014

When deploying/installing Sophos Anti-Virus to a client computer, Enterprise Console may display the error:

00000048 - the registry could not be accessed

If you are performing a manual install, you may get the error:

3004 - Sophos Anti-Virus cannot be installed due to some registry keys not having permissions

Sophos product and version
Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows 2000+

Operating system
Microsoft Windows 2000 and above

What to do

  1. On the affected client computer, go to Windows services and ensure that the 'Remote registry' and the 'Computer browser' services are started.
  2. Open the Windows registry and check that certain keys have the correct permissions. Before you start ensure that,

    Check the following registry keys ensuring 'Administrators' and 'System' (but not 'Everyone') have full control:


    If you are using a 64 bit OS you will also need to check the same keys within:


  3. Try installing again. If you are still seeing the same error code on a computer running Windows XP+, ensure that you're using Windows Installer version 4.5 or above. To check this type the following in the Start | Run or Search box

    msiexec /?

    and press enter

    If necessary, download the appropriate Windows Installer 4.5 from:


  4. Try installing again.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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