Error 0000003a occurs while installing Endpoint Security and Control on endpoint computers

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  • Updated: 18 Aug 2015

When you attempt to protect computers using Enterprise Console a yellow alert is displayed against one or more of the computers listed in the console.

When you right-click on the affected computer and go to 'View computer details' | 'Outstanding alerts', you see the message:

0000003a - Installation involves creating a scheduled task on the computer. Access was denied when creating this task. The default admin share(called C$) may not be accessible or a required service may not be running

Known to apply to the following Sophos products and versions
Enterprise Console 5.3.1
Enterprise Console 5.3.0
Enterprise Console 5.2.2
Enterprise Console 5.2.1 R2
Enterprise Console 5.2.1
Enterprise Console 5.2.0
Enterprise Console 5.1.0
Enterprise Console 4.7.1
Enterprise Console 4.7.0
Enterprise Console 4.5.1
Enterprise Console 4.0.2
Enterprise Console 4.0.0
Enterprise Console

What to do

On the server running Enterprise Console:

  1. Open the console and right-click on the computer (or group) showing the error.
  2. Select 'Protect Computers'.
  3. Work through the wizard.
  4. When prompted for a username you must enter it in the format:

    : The account you enter in the wizard must be able to logon to the management server.

  5. Complete the wizard.

You should now notice that orange arrows appear against the computer(s). These arrows should turn green, then turn to an hour glass and finally to a blue computer.

Please ensure that you have followed all the prerequisites discussed in the interactive deployment guide. This is the comprehensive guide for configuring push installs.

For more details on how the deployment process works see article 12455.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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