Disable Sophos AutoUpdate from running on start up

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  • Updated: 07 Aug 2014

This article explains how to disable Sophos AutoUpdate from launching an update while the computer is booting up. A registry key change can be used to help customize the updating frequency as well as prevent an update occurring when another application is loading on start up/power-up.

Warning: By disabling automatic updates on start up, Sophos AutoUpdate will not update until the next scheduled interval as set within the AutoUpdate configuration.  If the computer has not been switched on/connected to an update source for a while the computer will not be fully protected with the latest updates until the scheduled update has completed.

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s)
Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows 2000+

What To Do

  1. You need to change the settings in your registry. Before you start read the warning about editing the registry.
  2. Click Start | Run Type: regedit.exe | Press Return. The registry editor opens.
  3. Browse to this registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Sophos AutoUpdate Service

  4. Select the 'ImagePath' String value, right-click and choose modify.
  5. Add -NoStartupCheck to the end of the value data field. Ensure that you add the minus sign as shown below.

Technical information

The AutoUpdate component of Sophos Anti-Virus is designed to update the anti-virus software while the computer is starting up. This ensures that you always have the most up-to-date protection available.

By default, AutoUpdate waits 5 minutes after service start up, then launches the first check for updates. The AutoUpdate schedule is then applied from that mark onwards (e.g., if it is set to 10 minutes, the next check will be in 10 minutes).

This key stops the first check for updates (5 minutes after service start), after which the regular AutoUpdate policy applies.

Please note that this key is not preserved if a new version of Sophos AutoUpdate is installed.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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