Sophos Anti-Rootkit: Overview

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  • Updated: 06 Mar 2015

Sophos Anti-Rootkit is a tool for removing rootkits, and cleaning up any malicious files. Rootkits are programs designed to conceal the presence of an application on a computer by hiding processes, files, configuration information, network traffic or other observable information from a user.

  • Both Windows graphical user interface (GUI) and command line versions are available.
  • Sophos Anti-Rootkit can be run on a computer that has an anti-virus product currently installed on it.

When should you use Sophos Anti-Rootkit?

  • When a malware infection is detected on a system
  • If you are a network administrator wanting to perform a rootkit audit of your network
  • If your network's security patches are not up to date, or are not well maintained
  • When installing Sophos Anti-Virus onto a computer for the first time

Further information:

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