Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux: using the web user interface

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  • Updated: 01 May 2014

With Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux, you can use a web browser to open the Sophos Anti-Virus user interface on a specific computer. In order to remotely administer other computers, or change settings for one or more groups of computers on the network, you should use Enterprise Console or another of the administration consoles instead.

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Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux

What To Do

If you prefer to use the web browser-based user interface to perform local operations, such as checking the computer's status or the current Sophos Anti-Virus version number being used or setting up a new scan, you can do this using standard Linux tools such as SSH Port Forwarding, VNC or other port forwarding methods.

SSH Port Forwarding

SSH Port Forwarding (or tunneling) enables secure remote access to Linux computers and is available in most Linux networks. SSH enables the use of public key technology and is accepted as one of the most secure ways to remotely administer a computer.

The Sophos Anti-Virus user interface can be accessed using port forwarding by issuing the following command:

ssh -L 8082: user@host

This command will make the Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux user interface accessible from wherever you run the command on port 8082 through the secure tunnel.

  1. To access the user interface, open a web browser and type http://localhost:8082
  2. Configure the local Sophos Anti-Virus settings.


If client computers are running a VNC server, you can connect to the computer using your normal VNC client and access Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux using a web browser.

Other port forwarding methods

Other methods can be employed to allow remote access to the Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux user interface. For example, you can use Stunnel to enable port forwarding over https.

Configuring Sophos Anti-Virus centrally

If you are not using Enterprise Console to manage your Linux computers, once you have set up remote access, you can make configuration changes from a central updating directory (CID). Refer to the section 'Configure Sophos Anti-Virus centrally', in the Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux Startup guide.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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