Sophos Enterprise Console briefly shows 'Up to date' status as 'Unknown' after update

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  • Updated: 15 Aug 2014


The Sophos Enterprise Console shows the 'Up to date' as 'Unknown'. The status clears after a short period of time (next ide update). 

Note: If the 'Unknown' status does not clear after a few hours then you may be experiencing another issue. Please see KB 112127 for more details.

First seen in
Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows 2000+ 10.3.7
Sophos Anti-Virus for VMware vShield 1.1.7
Sophos Anti-Virus for Unix 9.6.1
Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X
Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux 9.6.1


A number of packages have now been migrated to use Data as a Supplement. Data as a supplement allows us to perform updates without requiring a product update and therefore minimize the impact to customers each month.

The behavior described above is triggered when a package is migrated to use data as a supplement. The endpoint will display an 'Up to date' status of 'Unknown' until the next IDE update is performed.

This behaviour will only happen once. Subsequent updates with not cause this issue to trigger again.

The table below shows the version in which each package was migrated to data as a supplement. So the behavior will be seen one time when upgrading to these versions.
Note: The issue will also be seen if upgrading from an older package than below to a version equal to or higher.

Package Version
Sophos Anti-Virus for for Windows 10.3.7
Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux
Sophos Anti-Virus for Unix
Sophos Anti-Virus for MAC


What To Do

No action is required.
The status will return to normal as soon as the first IDE update occurs after the initial upgrade (usually within a few hours).

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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