Removal tools for Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac

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  • Updated: 21 Jan 2016

Generally you should use the removal program that comes with the main program to uninstall it - see article 120838 for instructions.

Having tried the regular uninstaller - or if you deleted inbuilt removal program - this article provides a standalone tool to remove the installation of Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac.  This article is also useful where the uninstaller is unable to run due to a corrupted receipt file.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X
Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition

What To Do

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac

If you have Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac then the following tool will allow you to remove it.
The tool will work with all releases of Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac.
To use the tool:

  1. Download the Removal Tool for Sophos Anti-Virus 
  2. Unzip the downloaded tool if it hasn't been automatically unzipped by your browser
  3. Double-click the 'Remove Sophos Anti-Virus' application and follow any on-screen instructions

Further help

We recommend that you post your install.log file to our community and we'll go from there. Watch the video on our YouTube channel about viewing the install log in the Console app and filtering the log.


Not using the Free Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition?

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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