Installation fails on Exchange servers which have been updated to Exchange 2013 Service Pack 1

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  • Updated: 10 Mar 2014


PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange fails to install on Exchange 2013 servers which have been updated to Exchange 2013 Service Pack 1. A 1603 error code is reported indicating that the installation has failed.

Important: Microsoft Exchange 2013 SP1 requires the application of a Microsoft patch before PureMessage for Exchange is installed. See step 1 below.

First seen in

PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange 4.0


An issue was introduced by Exchange 2013 Service Pack 1 which causes the install to fail.

What To Do

Run the Microsoft PowerShell script

Microsoft have released a PowerShell script to resolve this issue.

  1. Run the PowerShell script from the Third-party transport agents cannot be loaded correctly in Exchange Server 2013 article, either directly or by using the 'Fix it for me' option
  2. Restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service
  3. Install PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange

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