Sophos Endpoint update strategy

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  • Updated: 25 Mar 2014

This article provides details of Sophos Endpoint update strategy

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Sophos Endpoint Security

Sophos Endpoint update strategy

For many years Sophos has followed a regular monthly release cycle that dates back to the days when releases were on floppy disks or, a few years later, CDs.

Regular monthly releases complete with product changes, new engines and updated detection data across the various Endpoint operating systems has become increasingly complex. The inter-dependence of platform updates has meant that we have occasionally had to delay the release of one product due to an issue with another. As a result, Sophos is moving away from a monthly cycle to a release model that is more flexible.

While we will still issue regular updates, each update will address a specific area. For example, there may be an engine with no product change, or a Windows update without a Linux update, and so on. This allows us to better utilize the resources within Sophos Engineering, as those resources that were dedicated to doing a release every month can now be used to work on product updates and changes. Sophos will be able to dedicate more resources to addressing customer issues and developing protection enhancements, ultimately providing better protection for all our customers.

You will receive updated products and engines from Sophos less frequently which should result in less change control and testing within customer environments. Product and engine releases will happen approximately four times a year. This new schedule works in conjunction with the new subscription policy.

For details about these changes see the release calendar article (120189) and the subscription policy article (19216).

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