Computers with the same name, domain and user name are considered to be the same computer

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  • Updated: 02 Dec 2013


One or more of your computers have the same computer name, work-group/domain name, operating system and username.  As a result Sophos Cloud believes these computers to be the same computer and each subsequent installation to be a re-protect.

This behaviour may result in failed installation of the client software on the second and subsequent computers as the AutoUpdate policy may never be received by the client, causing update failures.

First seen in
Sophos Cloud


Sophos Cloud considers computer that have the following attributes to be the same computer:

  • Computer name
  • Operating system
  • Workgroup/domain name
  • User name

This 'folding logic' enables a re-protection to occur without creating another computer in Sophos Cloud.

Note: This is more likely to be a problem in separate networks as computers on the same network cannot share the same computer name without causing other problems.

What To Do

If you are unable to rename a computer to distinguish it as a different computer in Sophos Cloud, please follow article 119629 which details how to override the computer name either before or after installation. 

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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