How to determine the MCS_SERVER and MCS_REGISTRATION_TOKEN from the Sophos Cloud installer

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  • Updated: 21 Nov 2014

This article provides information on how to extract the 'MCS_SERVER' and 'MCS_REGISTRATION_TOKEN' values from the Sophos Cloud installers.

Note: The MCS_REGISTRATION_TOKEN is a 64 character string that maps the installer to you Sophos Cloud account.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Sophos Cloud Managed Endpoint
Sophos Cloud

  • Windows
    • There are a number of methods to do this, the one you choose will depend on the tools you have available.  The steps assume you have the file 'SophosInstall.exe' as downloaded from Sophos Cloud.
      • Using Visual Studio
        1. Open Visual Studio.
        2. File | Open | File and choose 'SophosInstall.exe'.
        3. Expand the "FILE" resource and locate the entry '106'.
        4. Double click on '106' to open it.
        5. The 'MCS_SERVER' location and 'MCS_REGISTRATION_TOKEN' can be found.
      • Using Strings.exe from Sysinternals.
        • Download the application 'Strings.exe' from Sysinternals.
        • In a new command prompt run the following command:
          strings SophosInstall.exe | find "MCS_"
        • The 'MCS_SERVER' location and 'MCS_REGISTRATION_TOKEN' can be seen.
      • If you have to use a built-in tool, 'findstr.exe' could also be used:
        • Run the command:
          findstr.exe "MCS_" SophosInstall.exe > output.txt
        • Pass the file 'output.txt' looking for the above tokens and their values.
  • ​Mac
    1. Extract the '' file and navigate to the file:
    2. Open the file 'SophosCloudConfig.plist' in a text editor, the RegistrationServerURL and RegistrationToken values can be seen.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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