Sophos Enterprise Console 5.1.0 Installation Failed

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  • Updated: 20 Dec 2013


When installing Sophos Enterprise Console 5.0 (or later) the below error message, or similar is displayed.

Sophos Enterprise Console [Version] Installation Failed

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 failed
For more information, see KB article 114627

You can confirm whether your system is affected by the issue by searching the Sophos Bootstrapper log for the below error message.

Command: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 failed with error: -2067922940

Further information for checking the logs of Microsoft SQL Server can be found in article 118660.  For other failure reasons see article 114627 as mentioned in the error message.

First seen in
Enterprise Console 5.0.0


The error mentioned in this article is caused by a Microsoft issue relating to the Performance Counter Registry Hive Consistency that is preventing the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

What To Do

Before following these steps please consult article 10388 for considerations when making changes to the registry.

We need to rebuild the servers performance counters, instructions on these steps can be found on the Microsoft website.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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