Error Codes seen in the UTM Managed Endpoint Installer Package

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This article lists the most common error codes that may be seen in the UTM 9 Endpoint Installer Package.

First seen in
UTM Managed Endpoint (Windows 2000+)
Sophos UTM v9


The error codes listed in the table below may be seen in:

  • Sophos Endpoint Bootstrap_timeanddate.txt
  • Sophos Extract Log_timeanddate.txt

These are located in the users temp folder in which the installation was ran.

To view these files and verify the contents, go to Start | Run, and type %temp% and select "Ok".

Error Code Description Error Message Result
0 Install completed successfully EDX_SUCCESS = 0, Completion without error.
2 Bad or missing company code (i.e. invalid security token) EDX_FAILED_TO_PROCESS_COMMAND_LINE, Failed to process command line
107 Unable to proceed: alternative Sophos software already installed: managed using RMS EBS_RMS_DETECTED Cannot install as Sophos Remote Management System has been detected.
109 Unable to proceed: unsupported operating system EBS_UNSUPPORTED_OS
Unsupported Operating System
116 Third-party security software detected but removal forbidden. EBS_OTHER_AV_PRESENT Other AV Present
118 Third-party security software removal failed to execute successfully. EBS_CRT_FAILED Competitor Removal Tool failed
136 Failed to detect successful registration of MCS Endpoint EBS_REGISTRATION_TIMED_OUT, Registration of the MCS Endpoint Failed
137 Failed to detect updating-policy successfully applied to SAU EBS_UPDATE_POLICY_TIMED_OUT The Updating policy has not been applied to the endpoint
139 Unable to proceed: alternative Sophos software already installed: includes SCF. EBS_SCF_PRESENT Cannot install as Sophos Client Firewall has been detected.
140 Missing installation-code. If running from Windows: check that EDX file-name includes 17-character installation-code. If not, contact your administrator for up-to-date EDX file or further instruction. If running from command-line: use the –code parameter to supply installation-code.    
141   EBS_UPDATE_FAILED SAU update failed
142 Sophos LiveConnect has refused registration. Contact your administrator, for up-to-date EDX file/installation-code. Then, re-run EDX.    

If you receive another error code which is not shown above, please download, install, and run the Sophos Diagnostic Utility using article 33533 on the endpoint affected and submit the results to Sophos Technical Support as described in the article.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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