List of all URLs used by a Sophos Mobile Control server

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  • Updated: 17 Jun 2015

This article provides a listing of all URLs used by a Sophos Mobile Control server and their intended use.
Before each entry you always have the URL of your Sophos Mobile Control server e.g.

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Sophos Mobile Control 4.0
Sophos Mobile Control 3.6
Sophos Mobile Control 3.5

What To Do

  • / or /template/layout.jsf
    Used to display the Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) Admin GUI. If you forward / this will include:
  • /templates
  • /images
  • /devicetemplates
  • /general
  • /adf
  • /faces
  • /docs
  • /charts
  • /resetPassword
  • /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync
    The URL used by Active Sync to sync Mails/Contacts/Calendar Information
  • /ssp
    This is used by the Sophos Mobile Control Self Service Portal
  • /EnrollmentServer
    Required to enroll Windows Phone 8 devices at the Sophos Mobile Control server
  • /servlets/WinPhoneMDMServlet
    Used for the sychronization process of Windows Phone 8 devices
  • /servlets/PropServlet
    Used by the Windows Phone 8 and iOS app to synchronize
  • /servlets/IOSMDMCheckinServlet
    Required for the first time registration of iOS devices
  • /servlets/IOSMDMServlet
    Used for the synchronisation of iOS devices
  • /servlets/SMSStateServlet
    Used to check the SMS delivery status
  • /servlets/WAPServlet
    Downloads of client or software files are done using this URL
  • /servlets/DbImageServlet
    Required to display Windows Mobile property images
  • /servlets/OmaDmServlet
    Used for the OMA DM synchronisation
  • /servlets/OmaDsServlet
    Sophos Mobile Control apps for Android and Windows Mobile used this for synchronisation
  • /servlets/XmlServlet
    Used by the iOS SMC app for synchronisation
  • /servlets/d
    Integrated URL shortener
  • /servlets/FileServlet
    Used for downloads by the iOS SMC app
  • /servlets/IOSActivationServlet
    Required to activate the Sophos Mobile Control iOS app
  • /servlets/AndroidActivationServlet
    Required to retrieve the Sophos Mobile Control Android configuration
  • /servlets/PasswordResetServlet
    Used to make a password reset for the admin web console and the SSP for internal users
  • /servlets/reap
    Required if the Sophos Mobile Control Remote EAS Proxy is in use
  • //servlets/mdmWebservice
    // is on purpose and not a typo. It is used for the Webservice interface: As of Sophos Mobile Control 3.5 this has changed to

Please note: To restrict the access to your administrative web console, you can also define an IP whitelist using the Configuration Wizard.

A list of URLs used by an SMC 5.0 server can be found in article 122372.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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