Data table usage in Sophos UTM

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  • Updated: 13 Feb 2014

Table usage in Sophos UTM

The reporting sub-system inserts new data into the following tables:

accounting (ulogd)
auth (admin_reporter)
imp2p (pfilter_reporter)
ips (ips_reporter)
mailsec (mailsec_reporter)
pfilter (pfilter_reporter)
websec_bud (websec_reporter)

Every night, rotate_adbs.plx moves and aggregates the last days data into the _archive tables and adbs_maintenance.plx removes old data (as defined in  /etc/adbs_maintenance.conf, Webadmin Reporting | Settings).

The _data views combine each table with it's _archive counterpart, in order to get all the data into one query for all reporting-related tasks. The view mailsec_addresses and mailsec_contacts give easy access to the relations needed for the extended mailsecurity reporting.

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