How are my BOPS and HIPS settings migrated across versions when upgrading from 9.7 to 10.x?

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  • Updated: 01 Dec 2011

When upgrading from endpoint security software 9.7 to version 10 how are my Buffer Overflow Protection (BOPS), Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) and 'Alert only' settings migrated?

First seen in
Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.0

When upgrading to Sophos endpoint security software version 10 the option 'Detect suspicious behavior' dictates what 'Behavior Monitoring' options are set afterwards.

The available options in version 9.7 are:

  • Detect suspicious behavior
  • Detect buffer overflows
  • Alert only

The available options in version 10.x are:

  • Enable behavior monitoring

    Malicious and Suspicious Behavior (HIPS)
    • Detect malicious behavior
    • Detect suspicious behavior
    • Alert only, do not block suspicious behavior

    Buffer Overflows
    • Detect buffer overflows
    • Alert only, do not block

If the 'Alert only' option is enabled in version 9.7 this will be enabled for both 'Detect suspicious behavior' and 'Detect buffer overflows'

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