Sophos Virtualization Scan Controller: Overview

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  • Updated: 04 Jul 2013

The Sophos Virtualization Scan Controller is designed to overcome resource issues when running concurrent scheduled scans across virtual machines.

In a live environment, configuring all virtual machines to perform scheduled scans at the same time can cause a large resource overhead for the physical host machine. The Sophos Virtualization Scan Controller helps to avoid this by giving administrators the flexibility to configure their scanning options to spread the scanning load, for example:

  • Time windows for scans – e.g. earliest scan start time and latest scan start time
  • Days of the week on which scans should be performed
  • Maximum number of concurrent scans.

For detailed information and installation instructions, refer to the Sophos Virtualization Scan Controller User Guide

For answers to common queries refer to the FAQ in KBA113701

The Sophos Virtualization Scan Controller can be downloaded here.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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