Installation of SafeGuard Enterprise Device Encryption on RAID based systems

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  • Updated: 26 Aug 2015

This article provides information regarding the installation of the SafeGuard Device Encryption module on RAID based systems.

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SafeGuard Device Encryption

What To Do

Tests* prove that SafeGuard Enterprise Device Encryption (full-disk encryption) can be used on today’s hardware-based RAID systems without loss of functionality or fault tolerance. The RAID controller is unaffected by whatever data it mirrors or maintains, and it does not detect the presence of a software encryption solution manipulating the user data.

SafeGuard Enterprise Device Encryption is fully compatible with hardware-based RAID solutions if two conditions are met:

  • The RAID controller driver manages all RAID details itself, and only presents virtual disks to the OS (see section 3.3.1 for details).
  • The RAID controller is supported by the pre-boot OS.
Both conditions were met and were successfully tested with:
  • Intel ICH7R integrated AHCI/RAID SATA controller
  • Dell PERC 5i SAS/SATA RAID controller

It is likely that these results can be duplicated with other similar solutions, however, no guarantees can be given. Any equipment not listed must be carefully tested before deploying SafeGuard Enterprise.

*For details and complete test scenario, please see: SafeGuard® Enterprise 5.40: Sector-based device encryption on RAID storage systems

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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