Security that helps you collaborate without worrying about your data.

In today’s business environment, platforms for collaboration and productivity have become essential to capture, store and share vital information across the enterprise. This is why more and more organizations are committing to investments in mobility initiatives and platforms such as SharePoint. But these platforms also hold sensitive corporate data and that makes them potential targets for attacks and cyber threats. Sophos helps you collaborate safely by protecting your critical business data from malware and data loss, as well as controlling the distribution of sensitive information on platforms like Microsoft SharePoint or users’ mobile devices.

Sophos and Social Collaboration

Sophisticated content filtering for secure data collaboration

Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint helps control the collaboration and distribution of sensitive data over your SharePoint sites through its flexible, sophisticated content filtering. Prevent data loss, ensure compliance and guard against legal liability by controlling which data can be shared on your sites. Closely guard your content with simple point-and-click content policies on administrator-defined keywords, phrases or regular expressions. You can choose to quarantine, block and/or replace policy-violating content.

Real-time threat protection

Sophos’ SharePoint security goes beyond standard antivirus defense by adding Live Protection from SophosLabs. Our unique Behavioral Genotype technology detects malicious behavior and secures against the latest malware threats, malicious links, and other web-based risks that SharePoint administrators need to be wary of. Real-time look up of suspicious files and URLs in the cloud keeps your SharePoint sites, intranets and portals protected from the latest threats.

Ease-of-use with intuitive management

Secure your SharePoint environment with our intuitive and easy-to-use web-based management console. Sophos for SharePoint offers a real-time dashboard that allows point-and-click policy customization, efficient quarantine management and relevant, actionable reporting. Get immediate insights into threat activity, content filtering performance and quarantine status with our rich customizable reports. Our detailed searchable logs also provide deep forensic capabilities.

Collaboration across platforms

Sophos SafeGuard helps you share data and collaborate across Windows, Android and iOS platforms with the assurance that your data is protected and encrypted all the way. Sophos’ SafeGuard security follows data as it’s shared or when it’s uploaded to the cloud. The encryption stays on the whole time and it is seamless to the user. You can work on a file or share it as you normally would without SafeGuard encryption getting in your way. The workflow is seamless, the process invisible.

Collaboration on mobile devices

Sophos Secure Workspace, based on Sophos’ containerization technology, allows you to securely access the files you need to work on mobile devices. Share and collaborate internally and externally while your IT team is assured that all corporate documents are protected and encrypted. Secure your corporate data when you save or share them on popular cloud storage solutions by controlling access and publishing rights for various cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

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