Sophos for your retail business

Retail organizations are low hanging fruits for cyber attackers. With the quantity of credit card and personal details housed in these networks, they are a potential gold mine for attackers. It's no wonder the retail industry has been plagued with a bevy of high-profile security breaches, resulting in a massive loss of brand equity, reputation and customer trust for many retailers.

Sophos offers end-to-end protection for the retail industry that not only helps protect your POS systems but also extends security to your staff, business partners, distribution networks and customer touch points. With effective endpoint, network, and email protection for retail, Sophos helps eliminate threats and provides the ultimate security package for modern retail.

Sophos supports your PCI DSS compliance efforts.

One solution for your multiple
needs — Sophos.

  • Maintain strict PCI DSS Compliance

    PCI applies to all organizations or merchants, regardless of size or number of transactions, which accept, transmit or store any cardholder data. Sophos solutions provide comprehensive data protection to assist you with your PCI compliance activities. Sophos Endpoint Protection gives you full control of antivirus, device and web management – so you can simply and cost-effectively secure all endpoints, on and off the network. Additionally, Sophos SafeGuard Encryption helps encrypt data on Macs, Windows, and mobile devices while also enforcing data privacy and security for USB sticks, cloud storage, file shares, memory cards, and CDs/DVDs. To contain data risk on mobile devices, Sophos Secure Workspace can encrypt documents within a secure container on a mobile device managed with Sophos Mobile. The solution can dynamically encrypt content sent to cloud-based storage services and applications. It enforces device encryption and monitors compliance in accordance with your encryption policy.

  • Eliminate malware, spam, viruses, and costly downtime

    Threats such as drive-by downloads, botnets and spyware can shut down business as usual. Cybercriminals need to break into your network to steal all the valuable customer data you’re storing. Sophos offers industry-leading firewall protection to secure your network and web traffic. Email security is another priority for every retailer – and no one knows this better than Target Corp! It was a malware-laced email phishing campaign that exposed credit card and personal data on more than 110 million Target consumers. Data theft via email can pose real problems to your retail business, and the motive can be anything from a plunge in workplace morale to negligence by an employee. Sophos Email Protection is the all-in-one solution, combining email encryption with DLP and anti-spam. It scans every message to block unwanted content from entering or leaving your organization via email.

  • Secure your customer-facing sites and applications

    Sophos Web Server Protection hardens your web servers and applications to over 350 attack patterns, while providing secure access to external users with full-featured, reverse proxy authentication. Sophos Advanced Web Protection together with New Sophos Sandstorm extends conventional security to enhance targeted attack protection, visibility, and analysis. Sandstorm complements Sophos Web Appliance to quickly and accurately detect, block, and respond to evasive threats using powerful cloud-based, next-generation sandbox technology.

  • Secure point-of-sale (PoS) network and back-end databases

    Hackers always look for mission-critical areas inside a targeted network, including your back-end databases,point-of-sale (PoS) network, testing network (which may have temporary copies of live programs and data that isn’t as secure as it should be, or have deliberately unpatched servers for troubleshooting), and more. Sophos’ advanced endpoint protection and next-generation network security offer end-to-end security to protect your network and POS endpoints from latest advanced threats.

  • Secure collaboration and remote access

    Retailers need to collaborate and share network with supply chain, vendor partners, remote branch offices and other third parties. Several high-impact data breaches have revealed extent of damage from poorly managed remote access. Sophos helps retailers overcome such challenges by enabling them to extend network security to remote sites. Sophos RED helps retailers deploy site-to-site VPN connections to securely connect branch offices, stores and other third-party partners to HQ – with no local set-up or technical skills.

  • Value add with secure wireless

    Keep your Wi-Fi users secure with Sophos UTM’s built-in wireless controller that works seamlessly with our full range of wireless access points. We help you prevent rogue users from connecting to your Wi-Fi network –
    and avoiding detection – with our ability to identify the source and destination of your WLAN.


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