Sophos in Public Sector

The Public Sector in the UK is under tremendous pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency. At the same time, increased levels of sophisticated cyber attacks have been plaguing public sector organisations, increasing the awareness of the need to address and improve IT security. The primary IT security concerns have been data loss, remote working and targeted attacks.

At Sophos, we believe you can reduce the cost of IT security without compromising on the quality of protection. We bring all your network, anti-virus, web, email, encryption, and mobile security needs together into one solution, backed up by one support organisation, from one single vendor. What’s more, this is market-leading technology delivered by a UK-founded company vastly experienced in working with the NHS, Education, Government, Police, Fire & Rescue Services across the public sector.

Sophos protection for the NHS

Sophos has been securing the networks and data of NHS organisations for over 20 years and protects over 80% of machines. We are a UK-founded company and so we fully understand the need to keep your NHS organisations’ networks and data secure so that you can focus on providing care to your patients. And all against a backdrop of having to meet cost-saving targets and adhere to rigorous compliance regulations.

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Sophos protection for Education

Sophos uniquely integrates endpoint, email, web security and a network firewall to deliver easy-to-use, award-winning solutions that protect six million administrators, teachers, and students around the world from the effects of viruses, spam and spyware. Sophos is committed to making the internet a safer place and has partnered with the Internet Watch Foundation in this endeavor.

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Sophos protection for the UK Government

As a UK-based supplier to the public sector, Sophos helps government organisations to secure and control their IT infrastructure and data. We recognise the rigorous strain on the government to remain secure and compliant while achieving mandated cost saving targets and meeting the rigorous compliance regulations required. We provide a sophisticated range of encryption, network, gateway and endpoint security suites that are as complete as they are simple to deploy, manage and live with.

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