Sophos in the Government Sector

Government organizations hold enormous amount of data – citizens’ data, military intelligence data and much more. This critical data is also the basis for most smart initiatives that the government and local authorities undertake. At the same time, government networks and endpoints are under constant threat from foreign governments, cyber attackers, and other anti-national elements. Any breach of security and data in this case can impact the entire nation.

Sophos can help government departments to ensure that the data they hold on UK citizens is adequately protected. As a UK-based supplier to the UK public sector, we help government organizations to secure and control their IT infrastructure and data. We recognize the rigorous strain on the government to remain secure and compliant while achieving mandated cost saving targets and meeting the rigorous compliance regulations required. With a long list of legislative and regulatory standards to meet, we provide a sophisticated range of encryption, network, gateway and endpoint security suites that are as complete as they are simple to deploy, manage and live with.

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  • Compliance with EU Data Protection regulations

    European Parliament, data protection authorities and governments want to safeguard and boost the European online economy. Because of this, many companies will need to implement processes and technical controls to ensure the confidentiality of customer data. To meet these regulations, your security solutions should include encryption to prevent unauthorized users from reading lost or stolen data. Only Sophos gives you encryption for your users’ computers, their shared folders, removable media and data stored in the cloud, both for Windows and Mac, as well as the ability to read and edit encrypted data on Android and iOS mobile devices. And you get all this versatility from a single agent and management console. Our certified encryption stops data breaches and makes compliance simpler without getting in your way. Plus you save time because our data protection is easy to manage. Get help with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Complete Security

    The final objective of any security solution is to improve IT efficiency, while keeping everything secure, reducing costs and ensuring IT is contributing to the health of the organization. Giving front line staff secure access to the right data quickly is fundamental. Our complete security combines endpoint, network, web, email, mobile, data and server protection, and protects everywhere, from your users and all their devices to your network and servers. And because it’s all from Sophos, it is packaged as a single license and works better together. We will help you save time and money in your day-to-day operations by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions.

  • Protect Sensitive Data

    We understand the pressures you face in maintaining the integrity of your data and complying with regulations and legislation. Our network security and data protection uniquely integrate endpoint, email and web security, and network access control to deliver easy-to-use solutions that keep your data safe, wherever it goes. The Data Control module in our core antivirus engine allows the engine to check attachments to see if they contain personally-identifiable information, and allow administrators to put policies in place around the movement of this data. Sophos SafeGuard encryption offers the simplest and best data protection solution that secures data wherever it goes, when you share it or even upload on cloud over apps like Dropbox.

  • Mobile Security

    Your users are accessing corporate data on their personal mobile devices more and more. Now you can secure mobile devices and protect corporate data on them without slowing down your users, with Sophos Mobile. It lets you create and enforce mobile device security policies and offers an interactive IT dashboard that allows you to tackle issues immediately. With our Email container, Content container, Native OS container and Corporate Browser, you can keep your users’ personal and corporate data secure and your users productive.

  • Enforce e-Policies for Maximum Security

    Sophos Email protection solutions uniquely integrate antivirus, anti-spam and policy enforcement capabilities, helping you to protect your employees from exposure to offensive content, without restricting freedom of communication. Built in data control and encryption allows for granular control and secure transfer of GPMS classified documents and emails. Rich policy functionality supports security and regulatory compliance requirements and allows you to configure specific policies for groups within your agency.

  • Round-the-Clock Security

    SophosLabs, our global network of highly skilled and thoroughly trained analysts, has more than 20 years experience protecting businesses and governments from known and emerging threats. Our expertise covers every area of network security including viruses, spyware, adware, intrusion, spam and malicious URLs.


How to Comply with the New
EU Data Protection Regulation

This check covers the key areas of personal data security in the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation. It is provided to help companies identify anticipated areas of non-compliance in advance of the Regulation coming into force.

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