The CIS Critical Security Controls (SANS Top 20 security controls), developed by the Center for Internet Security, provide a catalog of a prioritized guidelines and steps for resilient cyber defense and information security mitigation approaches. Sophos, with its proven-in-the-field security technologies, offers comprehensive capabilities to effectively implement these critical controls.

Diminished attack surface with effective
monitoring and configuration management.

  • Device Management and Policy Enforcement

    • Sophos Endpoint Protection enforces web, data, and device policies to allow only authorized applications to run, authorized devices to connect and data to be distributed.

    • The revolutionary Security Heartbeat automatically isolates compromised or unauthorized endpoints.

    • Sophos Mobile offers a wide range of device management functionality, enforcing security policies and monitoring device health.

    • Protection of both endpoints and servers prevents peripheral devices from exfiltrating data.

  • Mitigate Application-Borne Risks

    • Sophos UTM, XG Firewall and Web gateways offer visibility and control over thousands of applications with customizable policy templates, with granular controls based on category, risk, technology, and other characteristics.

    • Pre-defined policy templates give automated application security with the UTM/firewall while minimizing false positives with Sophos Server Protection’s Server Lockdown.

    • Sophos Mobile monitors devices for jailbreaking and side-loading of applications, and controls access for non-compliant devices to email, network and other resources.

  • Ensure Secure Configurations

    • The exploit prevention capabilities of Sophos Intercept X block vulnerabilities in applications, OS and devices.

    • Intercept X stops the methods attackers use to exploit vulnerabilities on Windows systems and software, mitigating risk from unpatched and unknown vulnerabilities.

Perimeter Defense

Complete Network Security

Sophos UTM and XG Firewalls offer next-gen network protection and are fully integrated with Sophos’ mobile, web, email, and endpoint security modules to give you all-in-one protection. Stay protected against Advanced Persistent Threats and zero-day malware with our next-gen sandbox, Sophos Sandstorm.

Email and Web Gateway Protection

Stay protected from email threats and phishing attacks plus get advanced DLP and easy policy-based encryption with Sophos Secure Email Gateway. Get advanced protection from latest drive-by and targeted web malware, URL filtering, Web Application filtering, and cloud-based filtering for off-site protection with Sophos Secure Web Gateway.

Malware Defense

Get advanced threat protection against botnets, known malware, targeted attacks and unknown threats with XG Firewall and Web and Email gateway solutions. Our synchronized security allows real-time detection, remediation, and fully-automated incident response to detections on the endpoint or the network. Sophos Endpoint Protection integrates innovative technology like Malicious Traffic Detection with real-time threat intelligence to help prevent, detect, and remediate threats with ease, including ransomware. Stay protected from Advanced Persistent Threats and zero-day malware with our next-gen sandbox, Sophos Sandstorm. Sophos Mobile Security protects Android devices from malware, online threats, and Potentially Unwanted Applications without compromising device performance or battery life.

Incident Response and Management

Sophos Security Heartbeat offers synchronized security that coordinates and shares detection and status information between network and endpoint protection systems. It automates threat discovery, investigation, and response, reducing incident response time from hours to seconds. Advanced threat indicators like suspicious network traffic are instantly shared between the Next-Gen Firewall and the Next-Gen Endpoint to detect and prevent attacks. Active identification of compromised systems, along with computer names, users, and paths allows you to take action quickly. Compromised endpoints are automatically isolated by the firewall, while the endpoint terminates and removes malicious software, saving IT time and money.

Visibility and Control

Logging and Reporting Capabilities

Sophos UTM, XG Firewall, Email and Web gateway solutions offer real-time insights into network and user events with quick and easy access to historical data. Rich, on-box or cloud-delivered reporting offer unprecedented visibility into your network, users, and applications. Change control and audit logs support your efforts to stay regulatory compliant. Syslog support enables safe backup, archiving, and analysis of system logs.

Control Over Administrative Privileges

Sophos Endpoint Protection and Sophos Firewall Manager offer role-based administrative controls to delegate control by job function. SafeGuard Encryption offers role-based management to separate authorization levels, as well as detailed logging of all access attempts.

Wireless Access Control

Sophos Wireless Access Points allow you to manage all authentication and access monitoring from clients for access to network resources, with all access attempts logged.

Controlled Access Based on Need-to-Know

Sophos UTM, XG Firewall and Web gateway solutions offer granular, policy-based control over users, apps, web and content to limit access to network resources based on business need-to-know. Seamless integration with Sophos Endpoint Protection, Sophos Mobile and cloud-based filtering ensure security even off-network.

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