Endpoint assessment and control

How much control do you want?

Prevent security issues by assessing and controlling all managed and unmanaged computers. Our software will enable you to:

  • detect and fix managed endpoint vulnerabilities
  • ensure that any guest computers match your security requirements before they access your network
  • prevent unauthorized computers from accessing the network.
  Endpoint Security
and Data Protection
Policy definition
Policies for managed, contractor and guest computers check
Check if antivirus and other security applications are active and up to date check
Check if OS service packs are current check
Check if Microsoft/Windows Update active check
Assessment and remediation
Assess and autoremediate managed computers with a permanent NAC agent check
Assess and control unmanaged computers with a dissolvable agent check
Standard reporting on endpoint compliance with policy check
Agent Based - control managed computer network access check
Microsoft DHCP - prevent unprotected / unauthorized computers accessing the network check
Single installation with Sophos Anti-Virus and Client Firewall check