Windows Server 2012

The risks and rewards of Microsoft’s virtual operating system

Microsoft is proclaiming Windows Server 2012 to be the first “cloud” operating system. Certainly organizations will be eager to take advantage of the cost savings and energy efficiency of a virtual Windows server. But what about the risks associated with the cloud? Has Microsoft’s focus on security enhancements been sharp enough to support a 100% virtual operating system? Our experts weigh in.

Windows Server 2012: Does Cloudy Mean Safe?

Is Windows Server 2012 revolutionary, or just evolutionary? Sophos Security Advisor Chet Wisniewski offers his opinion while highlighting the most exciting new features.

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Sophos and Windows Server 2012 Knowledgebase

If you are using Sophos products and considering Windows Server 2012, these Knowledgebase articles are just what you need. For more information contact your partner or Sophos account manager.