3 Simple Steps to Better Patch Security

Improve security and compliance with patch assessment

Security experts estimate that 90% of successful attacks against software vulnerabilities could be prevented with an existing patch or configuration setting.

Still, many computers in organizations remain unpatched and unprotected. You might be struggling with patch assessment in these ways:

  • Prioritizing patches critical to security over ones that fix bugs or deliver new features
  • Knowing which vulnerabilities cybercriminals are actively exploiting
  • Tracking which patches are deployed on each computer

Common patching solutions aren't enough to keep you protected against the latest threats

In this whitepaper, we'll explain three best practices for improving your security and compliance with patch assessment:

  1. Monitor the latest patches from widely-used commercial software
  2. Prioritize patches tied to critical, in-the-wild threats
  3. Don’t leave patching up to users—identify which endpoints have the latest patches

Patching is painfully time consuming to track and administer. Make your job a little easier. Download now.