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Unfortunately, this contest is closed

Don’t feel bad, we’ll have more puzzles and contests to come. And you can still solve this puzzle for fun.

After all, would The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo just give up? Channel your Lisbeth Salander and keep going. The second challenge begins here. Email with your answer, and don’t forget to keep us posted on your code-breaking status with the hashtag #sophospuzzle.

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And congratulations to all of you who sent us the correct answer in time.

We’re announcing the contest winners on Thursday, 22 December. We’ll mail out your prizes just in time for the holidays.

The Dragon Tattoo Codebreakers’ Wall of Fame

  1. 2011-12-20T00:07Z John J
  2. 2011-12-20T00:07Z @colinmartin100
  3. 2011-12-20T00:57Z @spcavanaugh
  4. 2011-12-20T01:07Z @phihag
  5. 2011-12-20T01:08Z @dcerar
  6. 2011-12-20T01:26Z Ian C
  7. 2011-12-20T01:29Z @0stracon
  8. 2011-12-20T02:10Z @diddledan
  9. 2011-12-20T02:32Z @digital4rensics
  10. 2011-12-20T03:43Z Vampaerus
  11. 2011-12-20T03:50Z @timelessp
  12. 2011-12-20T05:03Z Adam J
  13. 2011-12-20T06:29Z Bashar E
  14. 2011-12-20T06:38Z Christopher B
  15. 2011-12-20T06:48Z David D
  16. 2011-12-20T06:50Z Toby H
  17. 2011-12-20T06:53Z @ezs
  18. 2011-12-20T07:32Z Ben K
  19. 2011-12-20T08:40Z Mike S
  20. 2011-12-20T08:47Z @siudauding
  21. 2011-12-20T09:00Z Alexander M
  22. 2011-12-20T09:11Z Joshua G
  23. 2011-12-20T09:16Z @trapflag
  24. 2011-12-20T09:27Z Michael D
  25. 2011-12-20T09:44Z Cryxia
  26. 2011-12-20T09:48Z Iulia O
  27. 2011-12-20T10:06Z @james_a_tanner
  28. 2011-12-20T11:15Z @elec08215
  29. 2011-12-20T11:32Z @jeamland
  30. 2011-12-20T11:56Z @philkernick
  31. 2011-12-20T12:30Z @jgrahamc
  32. 2011-12-20T12:51Z Christian R
  33. 2011-12-20T13:09Z Billy M
  34. 2011-12-20T17:30Z John P
  35. 2011-12-20T17:30Z Charles K
  36. 2011-12-20T17:31Z Adnan B
  37. 2011-12-20T17:31Z Daniel B
  38. 2011-12-20T18:25Z @randomly9
  39. 2011-12-20T18:32Z Nicola vT
  40. 2011-12-20T18:35Z Anthony B
  41. 2011-12-20T18:36Z @misterbking
  42. 2011-12-20T18:51Z Kevin V
  43. 2011-12-20T18:53Z Michael S
  44. 2011-12-20T18:59Z Alan S
  45. 2011-12-20T19:07Z Javier T
  46. 2011-12-20T19:07Z Nick N
  47. 2011-12-20T19:07Z @realbelhazur
  48. 2011-12-20T19:22Z Trafan
  49. 2011-12-20T19:40Z Sam N
  50. 2011-12-20T20:03Z John S
  51. 2011-12-20T20:14Z Timo H
  52. 2011-12-20T20:36Z Andrew H
  53. 2011-12-20T20:51Z Dmitry K
  54. 2011-12-20T21:45Z @nursemo06
  55. 2011-12-20T21:50Z Shane K
  56. 2011-12-20T22:42Z Joel E
  57. 2011-12-20T22:48Z Jorrit K
  58. 2011-12-20T22:55Z Adam O
  59. 2011-12-20T23:17Z Bartosz L
  60. 2011-12-20T23:31Z @keldr1n
  61. 2011-12-21T00:05Z Jeff J
  62. 2011-12-21T00:49Z Leslie F
  63. 2011-12-21T02:20Z Fredrik G
  64. 2011-12-21T03:03Z James L
  65. 2011-12-21T04:22Z @wanderingglitch
  66. 2011-12-21T04:27Z @matonis
  67. 2011-12-21T04:40Z jjo
  68. 2011-12-21T04:43Z Greg E
  69. 2011-12-21T04:45Z Hieros O
  70. 2011-12-21T04:50Z Andrew W
  71. 2011-12-21T04:51Z @dahla
  72. 2011-12-21T04:55Z Grant S

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