Security Threat Report: Mid-year 2010

Cybercrime is at an all-time high. Learn about the latest attacks.

Halfway through 2010, cybercrime continues to evolve and grow in both scale and sophistication.

As social networking becomes ever more deeply embedded in our everyday lives, it has become an ever more fertile hunting ground for those who would steal and abuse our personal information, and compromise and misuse our computer systems to gain financial advantage by stealing our personal or corporate funds or obtaining illicit funds from advertisers or spammers.

Just as folks have changed their habits to accommodate new technologies and new ways of conducting their everyday business, so security providers have needed to implement new strategies to cope with the massive growth in new malware and new attack vectors.

police around the world have stepped up efforts to combat cybercrime and take down the gangs profiting from it

Keeping track of these continuous and rapid changes is a demanding and complex task, but one that will doubtless be rewarding to the diligent and conscientious.

Knowledge is power, and understanding the dangers posed by the modern interconnected world is the first step toward keeping one's identity, possessions and finances safe and secure.