Healthcare Buyers Guide: Mobile Device Management

How do you say “yes” to BYOD and protect PHI?

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions allow healthcare organizations to centrally manage, monitor and support mobile devices. By using an MDM solution to control and protect the data and configuration settings on physicians’ mobile devices, you can reduce support costs and business risks of bring your own device (BYOD) policies. You can say yes to BYOD without increasing the risk of PHI loss.

BYOD risks and rewards

When healthcare providers are allowed to work on their personally owned devices, they simply get more done. The comfort associated with a device the physician knows and prefers increases productivity, both working from home and at private practices outside your network.

Clinicians want to use their personal smartphones and tablets and will not tolerate anything less. They don’t want to be limited to what the organization provides, or have to learn or carry a second device. But as with any technology trend, there are issues that stand in the way of benefits. BYOD brings two key challenges: data protection and management.

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