The Expanding
Network Perimeter

How to protect it with unified threat management

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Integration means simplicity

UTM is all about simplifying security, management, gateways, endpoints and end-user needs. Ultimately, UTM simplifies the IT administrator's job.

Managing multiple point-only products increases complexity. Administrators must master multiple management environments, all with unique terminologies and feel. They must maintain many firmware and pattern updates, and correctly configure the solutions to work with each other in the right way to keep the entire security deployment functioning.

Additionally, multiple network security solutions increase troubleshooting complexity since there are many points where misconfiguration and errors can occur. And multiplying the number of places (nodes, links, endpoints) administrators need to inspect to find the problem. Financially, the deployment of multiple point products becomes even less attractive when you add the cost of subscription services for support, maintenance and updates.

A single UTM appliance means having to master just one management GUI, pay subscription fees to one company, and troubleshoot any issues through a common management console. Further, the applications on a UTM device work together and complement each other to take advantage of running on the same platform.

For example, a UTM appliance can first decrypt incoming road warrior VPN connections such as IPSec or SSL, and then filter that traffic through an intrusion protection system. This clearly has advantages over point products, which you have to install in the correct order and then configure with complex routing and traffic handling rules so that proper filters are applied in the correct sequence.

What sets UTM apart from its firewall and IDS/IDP predecessors is the fact that, with fewer network "boxes" (including individual interfaces, configurations and subscriptions), it’s easier to secure, manage and troubleshoot.

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