SafeGuard EncryptionProtecting Data Everywhere With SafeGuard Enterprise

How SafeGuard Enterprise can secure your data everywhere, even in the cloud

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The workplace is never static so you have to stay on top of developments like the widespread use of public cloud storage services like Dropbox and the growing use of virtual servers. Securing cloud-based storage is vital to businesses and data protection has to evolve to meet this ever-changing need.

How do you extend your data protection policies to secure data wherever it’s stored instead of just securing particular devices? This paper explores developments in data protection and how our SafeGuard Enterprise solution can help you protect data everywhere.

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SafeGuard Enterprise gives you encryption and data protection without compromise. It allows you to secure sensitive company data wherever it’s stored: laptops, USB devices, network shares or even in the cloud. Get a free 30-day trial or download the datasheet to learn more.