How to Protect Your Critical Information Easily

Safeguarding massive amounts of sensitive, confidential data—from legally protected personal information to intellectual property and trade secrets—from malicious attacks and accidental loss is one of IT’s biggest challenges. With employees having greater mobility than ever before to work outside the office, the job of protecting data has never been more difficult.

Read the white paper to learn the areas an effective strategy should address, including:

1. External threats and malware

Learn how to stay ahead of escalating threats by preventing most of them from getting into your system in the first place—and also effectively detecting, blocking and remotely cleaning up emerging, unknown threats.

2. Complying with policies

See how you can quickly create and deploy policies across your organization while monitoring and controlling devices and programs, such as USB storage devices, instant messaging applications, email and web access—and blocking the use of P2P software.

3. Preventing data loss

Stop users from being careless with data with a better, more cost-effective approach that integrates data loss prevention into your anti-virus solution.

4. Securing mobile data

Ensure that sensitive data can’t be compromised if users lose devices, while still allowing data to be exchanged among authorized users.

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